Couples Fishing Tour – AMANPULO


Where some people are likely to regard the Philippines as third world, one may find paradise and a super high end resort on earth and its name is AMANPULO. Amanpulo is a resort where you fly in and fly out on their private plane and stay at their beach Casitas and be serviced impeccably during your stay.

Although it does say fishing on the menu, you will find they have absolutely zero tackle that is worth mentioning. There are no fish finders on the boat, but who needs a fish finder when there is fish everywhere.  That is AMANPULO.  Cast a small lure from the shore, catch a few snappers and release..  drop some bait into 3-40ft and wham a real RED grouper.
Now to catch the bigger ones takes a bit more effort and if you are into trolling or popping for GTs then this is the place. Most convenient, facilities are great, the food is good by any standard, and its simply fantastic.
Book a boat for fishing in the morning and there will be coffee and fresh pastries warm and waiting for you. It is one of the best moments you will ever experience whilst sipping the high grade coffee (not instant junk) and munch on the pastries will cruising to the back points of the island.
Remember to catch and release and keep a few for the crew and yourself to eat. Dont catch 20-30 and take them home.. Keep a few for the beach side bbq with your loved one who will enjoy the massage services and pure beauty of the location. Good points for sure.
At luckyhookfishing and DeepSea Fishing Philippines, we will support your trip by providing full complete tackle that is needed to enjoy Amanpulo.. after all how much beach and snorkeling and diving can you do?  FISHING is the best fun at Amanpulo.
This is another place where you don’t ask the price.  It is all reasonably priced and I dont think I ever complained yet. (Needs Non Skid on the helm of the boat)^^EVERYTHING but the FISHING EQUIPMENT, is top notch.   One of the worlds best places Ive been.
Real luxury and effortless class and service and indeed one of the best locations of the Philippines, if not the best. A MUST TRY vacation destination if there ever was one.  But you need to make your own entertainment. FISHING at AMANPULO is one of the most exclusive fishing tours you will make with yourself and your loved one.
BUDGET : From our experience, a 3-4 night trip will take you back about  be 10,000 USD or 400-500,000 peso.  But you will eat and drink and dive and fish and have the boat waiting for you most of the time.